Christian war machine: technology that decided the Reconquering

Within this exhibition includes large medieval siege engines who presided over the Christian world during the Reconquista, the most flourishing period in Western Europe. Among its greatest exponents find large counterweight trebuchets and scales around, cranes elevatory and rams with innovative designs.

Includes the following machines:

Mantelete (siglo XIII).

Trabuco de contrapeso (siglo XIII).

Ballesta de torno (siglo XIII).

Mantelete para artillería (siglo XIII).

Cometa incendiaria (siglo XIV).

Espringal (siglo XIV).

Grúa elevatoria (siglo XIV).

Grúa elevatoria de Valturio (siglo XV).

Ariete (siglo XV).

Escala compuesta (siglo XV).

Máquina incendiaria (siglo XV).

Brigola de dos cajas (siglo XV).

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