Eastern war machines: an innovative technology coming from the East

This exhibition shows the siege engines used in Japan, China, Korea and India. Without such evidence would be incomplete information concerning the siege engines, invented in the East because many of the plantations, which later were exported to the West. Highlight the first examples of counter-traction catapults manual or parts that used gunpowder gunpowder as projector.

Includes the following machines:

Carro garfio (siglo V).

Lanzapiedras de torbellino (siglo VII).

Batería de lanzapiedras de torbellino (siglo VII).

Tigre agazapado (siglo VIII).

Trabuco de tracción móvil (siglo XII).

Ballesta triple (siglo XIII).

Carro cuchillo (siglo XIII).

Escala compuesta (siglo XIII).

Hwach (siglo XV).

Palomas incendiarias (siglo XV).

Mantelete móvil (siglo XV).

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