Roman war machines: the technology of the legions

Within this exhibition will include units used by the Roman legions in their conquest operations throughout the Mediterranean. Is a good example of the mills used between the V a. C. and V. C. Prominently in the sample artillery pieces, and rams with different technologies.

Includes the following machines:

Aries prensilis (siglo IV a. C.).

Mantelete (siglo II a. C.).

Catapulta tipo scorpio (siglo I a. C.).

Cuervo de demolición (siglo I d. C.).

Onager (siglo II d. C.).

Onager tardío (siglo IV d. C.).

Pluteo (siglo IV d. C.).

Torre de asedio (siglo IV d. C.).

Tortuga proa de barco (siglo IV d. C.).

Vinea (siglo IV d. C.).

Musculo (siglo IV d. C.).

Ariete (siglo IV d. C.).

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